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Liechtenstein financial center - 150 years of tradition

Political continuity, stability, legal security, top-quality service, a traditionally high level of protection for private property and privacy, and many years of experience in private banking: these are what define the Liechtenstein financial center.

With a lean, user-focused public sector, Liechtenstein offers a stable legal and social system and a traditionally liberal economy. Public finances on a sound footing, straightforward administrative procedures and a transparent and predictable tax and legal regime add to Liechtenstein's attractiveness as a place to do business and a financial center.

The establishment of the first bank in Liechtenstein in 1861 marked the beginning of a long tradition which continues to this day. LGT Bank was founded more than ninety years ago, and since 1930 it has been owned by the Princely House of Liechtenstein.
The financial sector is a major employer and an attractive one, employing a greater-than-average number of highly skilled staff. 

Liechtenstein's banks - a haven of stability

Liechtenstein's banks boast financial strength and stability. They have a solid, high-quality equity base. They already meet the future core capital ratio stipulated by Basel III, putting them among the best-capitalized banks in Europe. Client deposits are covered by a modern, EU-compatible depositor protection scheme. Liechtenstein's AAA rating from Standard & Poor’s underlines the country's reliability as a financial center.

Thanks to Liechtenstein's membership of the European single market, its banks enjoy full freedom to provide services in all EEA countries. This makes it possible to offer financial products from a Liechtenstein base which are backed in Swiss francs and admissible for distribution throughout the EU. Thanks to this special position, the Liechtenstein financial center can provide attractive diversification opportunities to investors with a global focus.

Skill, expertise and a strong service culture

As a small, specialized financial center, Liechtenstein combines many years of practical know-how with exper-tise in private banking. Professional advice and top-quality service are the traditional strengths of Liechtenstein's banks and key factors in their success. The banks also have a pool of specialists to draw on at home and abroad.

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