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Volunteering for the common good

LGT’s Employee Volunteering Program enables its staff to do charitable work in various different organizations. The number of available projects has grown steadily since the scheme was set up in 2011.

The LGT Employee Volunteering Program allows staff to do placements in education, work and coaching. LGT works with partner organizations to secure sustainable, long-term success:

The Heilpädagogisches Zentrum (HPZ) is a remedial education center that helps people with special needs, providing a special school, treatment, accommodation and workshops. LGT staff regularly help out at the HPZ, such as on lunch duty. In 2014, the HPZ took over responsibility from LGT for running the “Bikes for Africa” campaign (now "Velafrica"), creating four new permanent jobs for disabled people or the long-term unemployed to do meaningful and useful work.

Heilpädagogisches Zentrum (HPZ)


The social enterprise Drahtesel helps people to integrate successfully into the world of work. LGT staff work voluntarily on site, helping out on campaign days with the Velafrica campaign, the brainchild of Drahtesel. LGT has run the Velafrica campaign three times, collecting over 1200 bikes and getting them ready for shipping. Responsibility for the campaign was handed over to the Heilpädagogisches Zentrum (HPZ) in 2014.



Procap Schweiz, the largest member organization run by and for disabled people in Switzerland, works on behalf of people in Switzerland and Liechtenstein with disabilities. In regular half-day courses, LGT staff show disabled people how to use computers, a particularly vital means of information and communication for the disabled as they find it harder than other people to get out and about.

Procap Schweiz

Doing repairs before exporting the bikes to Africa

Doing repairs before exporting the bikes to Africa

Hundreds of bikes ready to be shipped to Africa.

Hundreds of bikes ready to be shipped to Africa.

Jörg Bannwart:

Jörg Bannwart: "Working with disadvantaged people is a truly worthwhile experience."

"Social engagement is an integral part of our corporate culture. Taking part in the Employee Volunteering Programs allows our staff to do a lot for disadvantaged people."

Roland Schubert, CEO LGT Bank