Top News | Nov 26, 2015

LGT receives accolades for its outstanding advisory services and products

LGT has this year once again been recognized by a number of independent bodies as a leading private bank. It was given a "summa cum laude" rating - the highest possible accolade - for the 13th consecutive year by the Handelsblatt Elite Report at Wednesday evening's Asset Convention in Munich. The Elite Report also designated LGT as the leading private bank in Liechtenstein.

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New: Investor magazine "Investorama"

Buy protection while it's cheap

In this issue of the LGT investor magazine "Investorama", we focus on the question why investors should keep an eye on inflation-linked bonds in the current market environment. Meanwhile we take a look at liquidity flowing in Europe. Click on "Read more" for detailed information on the latest issue of "Investorama".