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What do interest rate hikes mean for financial markets and investors?

May 3, 2022

reading time: 1 minute

by Tilmann Schaal, LGT

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What consequences could the change in monetary policy have for financial markets, investors and the economy? Our expert knows more.

We had all become used to low interest rates. Stock markets rejoiced, bouncing back from pandemic-related sell-offs and countries were able to borrow money cheaply – the only ones who suffered were savers. However, with the war in Ukraine - and its consequences for many national budgets and economies - the situation around a change in monetary policy is more complex than ever.

What happens when interest rates go up?

In the video, Thomas Wille, Chief Investment Officer, LGT Private Banking Europe, and Jonathan Marriott, Chief Investment Officer at LGT Wealth Management, provide answers to this question. Business journalist Carolin Roth leads the discussion.

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