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LGT collects 125,000th bicycle for "Bikes for Africa"

October 2, 2014

During LGT’s third “Bikes for Africa” campaign, the people of the Rhine Valley once again demonstrated their tremendous willingness to help by donating around 500 old bikes. Pius Schädler from Triesenberg brought in the 125,000th bike to be donated since the initiative was launched. This was the first time that the campaign has been carried out in collaboration with the Heilpädagogisches Zentrum Liechtenstein (Liechtenstein remedial education center).

Several hundred people – coming from places such as Vaduz, Balzers, Triesenberg, the St. Gallen Rhine Valley and the Swiss canton of Graubünden – once again donated old bikes to the third “Bikes for Africa” campaign. This time round, the collection campaign took place in Triesen, where the bicycles were received by around 50 volunteers from LGT, the aid organization Gump & Drahtesel, and the Heilpädagogisches Zentrum Liechtenstein (HPZ), and prepared for transportation.

Even before the campaign started, it was considered quite likely that the 125,000th bike would be received at the collection day in Triesen. Pius Schädler from Triesenberg donated the particular bicycle and was presented with a CHF 250 voucher and a bouquet of flowers in return. The surprised donor said he would immediately give the flowers to his wife, as it was her old bike that would now be making its way to Africa.

The involvement of the HPZ also proved beneficial for both sides. “It was a great team effort,” summed up Jörg Bannwart, Head of Human Resources for LGT, who was impressed by the first joint campaign with the HPZ: “After just a brief introduction, the two teams worked hand in hand to make sure everything went smoothly.” The volunteer helpers managed to make 200 of the donated bicycles ready for dispatch there and then, while the rest of the bikes were sent to the HPZ, where they are being prepared for transportation to Africa. Some of the bikes still need further repairs or work done to them. Thanks to the collection campaign, four permanent workspaces have been set up for this purpose at the HPZ, where people who have disabilities or are in long-term unemployment can come and do some meaningful and useful work.

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