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On the market pulse

November 12, 2014

The LGT Navigator keeps you updated on important events in financial markets. To be prepared for the forthcoming business day, the daily issue of this brief newsletter delivers comments on selected economic data, and news on securities in global equity and bond markets, as well as an overview of investment topics LGT looks at.

Our daily newsletter keeps you informed about the most important news on what is happening in the financial world, quickly and uncomplicated, prior to the opening bell in European markets. You will find a summary of events in economics and politics and commentaries from our equity and fixed income research teams on selected securities which provides an overview on global equity and bond markets.

A data set of major stock exchange indices, yields, currency rates, as well as upcoming economic indicators and corporate events enable the reader to focus on the essentials within the daily information flow. An overview of interesting investment themes LGT is currently looking at and which are provided to our clients upon request complete the publication.

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