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Medium-term notes and LGT bonds as investments for the mid to long term

Medium-term notes and LGT bonds are aimed at investors seeking to invest their money for the mid to long term. They are guaranteed by LGT Bank Ltd., Vaduz, and rated A+/Aa3-.

  • Medium-term notes
  • LGT bonds on SIX Swiss Exchange

Medium-term notes are medium-term investments paying a fixed rate of interest. The minimum denomination is CHF 1000 for a term of two to ten years. Medium-term notes are suitable as collateral.

Interest rates p.a. for medium-term notes of LGT Bank Ltd., Vaduz


Laufzeit            CHF 
new in % p.a.*        
new in % p.a.**
2 Years on request 0.0500 %
3 Years on request 0.1500 %
4 Years on request 0.2500 %
5 Years on request 0.3500 %
6 Years on request 0.4000 % 
7 Years on request 0.4500 %
8 Years on request 0.5000 %
9 Years on request 0.5500 %
10 Years on request 0.6000 %

Rates valid for amounts up to CHF/EUR 1 million. Rates valid for amounts over 1 million on request.  

* CHF: on request
** EUR: valid as of January 29, 2018

No physical withdrawal of medium term notes.


0.0200 %0.0200 %


    Maturity date   ISIN
2.750 % LGT Finance Ltd SIX 08.12.2016 10713456 CH0107134568
2.500 % LGT Finance Ltd SIX 12.05.2017 11212053 CH0112120537
2.000 % LGT Bank AG SIX 02.07.2019 18769555 CH0187695553
1.500 % LGT Bank AG SIX 10.05.2021 23368020 CH0233680203
1.875 % LGT Bank AG SIX 08.02.2023 200252838 CH0200252838
0.625 % LGT Bank AG SIX 25.11.2025 29947736 CH0299477361


Disclaimer: LGT investment solutions and funds open up new opportunities, but also involve risks. Your investment profile is the decisive factor. Discuss your options for investing your money at LGT with a relationship manager.
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