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Depositary services for funds in Liechtenstein

Are you looking for a depositary for your Liechtenstein investment funds? Then LGT Bank Ltd., the largest depositary in Liechtenstein, is the right place for you. Our team of specialists has long-standing experience and state-of-the-art. It would be our pleasure to support you in implementing your fund projects – both for liquid and alternative funds.

As a depositary supervised and regulated by the Financial Market Authority Liechtenstein (FMA), we reliably and competently provide you with all the services you expect from your depositary. We have an extensive network of brokers, which enables us to provide you access to over 50 markets worldwide. Our trading desk is available to you 21 hours a day and supports you in implementing your fund strategy. Our specialists in the areas of payment transactions, corporate actions and income, and clearing and settlement ensure that everything runs smoothly.

With our specialist knowledge in a wide range of asset classes, we can offer you comprehensive support in the launch and depositary of your investment funds. We would be delighted to support you with our very high level of expertise and excellent contacts, especially in the area of alternative investments. And we also provide you with various types of reports for your fund.

Our aim is to assist you to the greatest extent possible so that you can concentrate fully on your clients.

Your point of contact at LGT

Roger Schädler

Roger Schädler
EAM Custody Solutions

Phone +423 235 15 07

René Trittibach

René Trittibach
EAM Custody Solutions

Phone +423 235 10 51

LGT's depositary services

We offer you comprehensive and tailored services for the optimal depositary of fund assets.

Individual advice and implementation of your fund project

We provide you with advice and support for your project – from planning and structuring through to implementation. Through our work on numerous LGT funds and private label funds, we have long-standing expertise in this area that we can draw on in our collaboration with you. Our specialists analyze your projects in detail in order to develop a project that meets your needs. For every inquiry we receive, we carry out an individual assessment and prepare a tailored offer.

Secure custody of your assets

Your assets are in safe hands with us. LGT is very well capitalized and has a high level of liquidity. As one of the few private banks that operates internationally, we regularly have our creditworthiness assessed by independent rating agencies such as S&P and Moody's. Thanks to our strong balance sheet, solid debt ratio and strong earnings power, we have consistently received very high ratings since first being rated in 1996. This offers you, our clients, a high degree of security and stability.

The fund assets held in safekeeping are held with carefully selected sub-depositaries, which we regularly monitor using a multi-stage control process. Our experienced specialists ensure the assets are serviced (account management, corporate actions and collection of dividends, interest and repayments).

In the case of assets not held in safekeeping, we verify the existence of the investments and monitor that they are in the possession of the fund. The experts also check the plausibility of the respective valuations on each valuation date of the fund.

LGT: Outstanding advice and products

21-hour trading

With our two trading centers in Vaduz (7 a.m. to 10 p.m. local time) and in Hong Kong/Singapore (8 a.m. to 6 p.m. local time), we offer you comprehensive trading services 21 hours a day. Our trading experts provide you with excellent investment opportunities in securities, foreign exchange and derivatives worldwide. With our large network of brokers, you have access to over 50 markets around the world. We also offer you special additional services such as direct access trading. Our easy-to-navigate and innovative online banking platform LGT SmartBanking Pro provides you with a structured overview of your assets at all times.

LGT, your trading partner

Comprehensive checks and monitoring

When it comes to our control function, we do not limit ourselves to just the mandatory checks required by the regulator and the law, but also carry out a detailed review of the various NAV components at the same intervals as fund valuation and monitor investment and investor restrictions with the same frequency. In addition, we use our established control system to monitor cash flows and the prompt settlement of transactions on a daily basis. These supplementary analyses and independent checks provide additional security for you and serve to protect investors.

Your reliable transfer agent

As a transfer agent, we handle the issue and redemption of fund units on the respective acceptance date (incl. payment transaction settlement), ensure that if required, the corresponding subscription form for the fund has been signed and maintain the fund’s unit register.

Individual and flexible reporting

To provide you with the best possible support and ensure you have a comprehensive overview, we offer you various types of reports and information. You can put together an individual report package according to your wishes and needs. Statements for overall assets, account statements as well as electronic inventory and transaction data deliveries can be generated quickly, flexibly and at any time via our digital online platform LGT SmartBanking Pro.

Useful links and further information for financial intermediaries

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Our partners

In addition to our in-house management companies, LGT Capital Partners (LI) Ltd. and LGT Fund Management Company Ltd., we work with numerous other management companies. Please revert to your relationship manager for additional information.