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Our financing offering

Our financing solutions round off our private banking offering for you. Increase your financial flexibility.

Lombard loan

The LGT Lombard loan gives you access to additional liquidity at short notice when you pledge your assets held with us as collateral.

We grant you a variable credit limit that you can use to purchase securities or for any other liquidity needs. The maximum credit limit is determined by the lending value of your securities pledged as collateral, as calculated by us. A low interest rate for your LGT Lombard loan is possible for drawdowns in the form of fixed advances.

Conditions for Lombard credits in current accounts (PDF)

Mortgages for real estate financing

With an LGT mortgage, you can finance your real estate flexibly in combination with Private Banking investments in selected countries.

In Liechtenstein and Switzerland, we offer our well-known mortgage products at attractive conditions. For example, earthquake insurance for your property is included in our mortgage package there.

Our internationally experienced experts will create tailor-made solutions for you. We finance residential properties in the best locations in the following regions: United Kingdom (Prime Central London), France (Paris, Côte d’Azur, French Alps), Austria (Vienna, Salzburg, Kitzbühel), Germany (on request), Singapore, Hong Kong

  • Building loans
  • Mortgages
  • LGT Private Banking mortgages
  • LGT Philanthropy mortgages
  • LGT Environmental mortgages

Are you interested in having a property built in Liechtenstein or are you planning a conversion? We can offer you a building loan in the form of a current account overdraft on beneficial terms.

  • Low interest rate in line with the market.
  • Interest on the building loan is only calculated on the actual drawdown.
  • Loan term lasts until building work is finished.
  • Building loan generally converted to a mortgage once building work is finished.
  • Partial conversion possible prior to completion from CHF 100 000.

Are you looking for just the right mortgage with which to buy an apartment or a house? Or are you on the lookout for more attractive financing for your properties? LGT’s range of mortgages is sure to include the right solution for you on attractive terms.

Variable-rate mortgages: the flexible choice

  • Ideal for anyone who wants to maintain flexibility.
  • The interest rate changes in line with trends on the money and capital markets.
  • Possible as part of a first or second mortgage.

Fixed-rate mortgages: the choice for forward planners

  • Ideal for anyone who prefers predictability and wishes to calculate their interest costs in advance.
  • The interest rate remains unchanged over the agreed term.
  • Only possible as part of a first mortgage.

A combination of variable-rate and fixed-rate mortgages: the adaptable choice

  • You are free to choose the variable-rate and fixed-rate components. 

We let you decide for yourself whether or not you want your first mortgage to be repaid as part of your real estate financing.

Mortgage and Real Estate Credit Act (HIKG)

As an EEA member state, Liechtenstein is transposing the European Mortgage Credit Directive (MCD) adopted on 4 February 2014 (Directive 2014/17/EU) into national law with effect from 1 April 2021.

The Mortgage and Real Estate Credit Act (HIKG) governs credit agreements for individuals (consumers) relating to residential immovable property for the purpose of:

  • acquiring or retaining property rights for land or an existing or projected building.
  • acquiring a consumer good (e.g. a car) secured by a mortgage or comparable collateral.

If your existing mortgage financing with LGT Bank Ltd. continues unchanged, no revision will be required.

Additional information can be found on the website of the Liechtenstein Bankers Association here. Should you have any further questions, please contact your relationship manager. 

The website of the Bankers Association also contains a factsheet, which provides important information in the event of payment difficulties (here).

The LGT Private Banking mortgage offers flexible, straightforward real estate financing in Liechtenstein and Switzerland. No expensive interest rate hedge is required, as each time your mortgage comes up for renewal you are free to choose another form (variable-rate or fixed-rate).


You are free to choose what form your mortgage takes and determine the interest rate mix for your LGT Private Banking mortgage in line with your expectations.

  • Variable-rate mortgage: the interest rate changes in line with trends on the money and capital markets.
  • Fixed-rate mortgage: the interest rate remains unchanged over the agreed term (one to ten years).
  • SARON Fix mortgage: the interest rate remains unchanged over the agreed term (1 or 3 months).


Unlike structured mortgage products, the LGT Private Banking mortgage is as straightforward and transparent as can be. This mortgage has no fixed term so there is no need for an expensive interest rate hedge.


Within the context of your overall client relationship, our mortgage specialists develop financing solutions adapted to your needs. The individual tranches of the LGT Private Banking mortgage may have set terms, but your overall mortgage does not.

With the LGT Philanthropy mortgage, you finance your real estate assets while supporting the less fortunate at the same time. This innovative product draws on LGT’s expertise in the credit and philanthropy sectors. The mortgage allows clients and the bank to make a joint contribution towards improving living conditions in less well developed regions of the world.

The mortgage allows you to support a project of your choice from LGT Venture Philanthropy. You will be kept up to date on developments on a regular basis. The following projects are available as part of the LGT Philanthropy mortgage:

Aangan Trust, Mumbai (India)

mothers2mothers, Cape Town (South Africa)


Conditions of the LGT Philanthropy mortgage

New and existing first mortgages on residential buildings are eligible. The LGT Philanthropy mortgage offer applies to both variable and fixed-rate mortgages or their tranches and is presently only available within Liechtenstein.

The rate of interest for the LGT Philanthropy mortgage consists of part financing and part "interest on the donation" of 0.125%. LGT matches your donation to the project - which means that those in need benefit twofold. It also covers the full amount of any administration costs incurred by the philanthropic projects.

With the LGT Environmental mortgage, we can support your commitment to sustainable development and efficient use of natural resources - for newly built properties and renovations in Liechtenstein with a Minergie certificate.


  • You receive a one-off bonus immediately after having obtained the definitive Minergie certificate and having used a mortgage loan in full.
  • The immediate bonus for newly built or renovated properties is up to CHF 10 000.
  • If you take the decision today to build sustainably, you will benefit in more ways than one: more economical use of resources, a greater level of living comfort and financing on preferential terms.



  • For newly built properties with a Minergie certificate, the bonus is 2%,
    i.e. CHF 2 000 per CHF 100 000 mortgage (up to a maximum of CHF 500 000 = maximum bonus: CHF 10 000).
  • For renovations with a Minergie certificate, the bonus is 1%,
    i.e. CHF 1 000 per CHF 100 000 mortgage (up to a maximum of CHF 500 000 = maximum bonus: CHF 5 000).
  • The mortgage must remain with LGT for at least five years.

Trade finance

With us, your payment guarantees and performance obligations are in good hands.
We have extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of settling and hedging all kinds of contractual security deposits and contingent liabilities.


This information does not represent an offer, a quotation or request for a quotation, a public advertisement or a recommendation to apply for financing or to buy or sell specific products. Financing opens up new opportunities, but also involves risks. Your investment profile is the decisive factor. Discuss your financing options with your client advisor.