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Wealth Portrait: Reporting for complex asset structures

People who have a large fortune can look to the future with confidence. However, keeping track of such fortunes can often be difficult – for example, if the assets are highly fragmented. The LGT Wealth Portrait offers a solution to this problem. It provides a clear overview of the performance of your assets in three key areas.

Consolidated reporting

Track the performance of your assets with the help of clear overviews and pre-defined benchmarks.

Comprehensive investment strategy

Make your investment decisions based on comprehensive data analysis.

Individual risk management

Manage the risks for all of your assets – whether they are real or financial assets.

The benefits of the Wealth Portrait at a glance

  • Time savings: Transfer time-consuming consolidation to a trusted partner.
  • Transparency: Obtain a consolidated overview of your total assets.
  • Knowledge: Make sound investment and financing decisions based on clear and structured information.
  • Security: Store your data in a digital archive at LGT.
  • Control: Maintain an overview of services, risks and costs.

What you can expect from our consolidated report

Enjoy greater certainty

A clear comparison of assets and liabilities gives you an overview of your total wealth in just a few moments. To this end, it is important that all data be consistent and up to date. A comprehensive report on your wealth also provides information about the performance of your assets and the risks to which they are exposed. These aspects are included in the LGT Wealth Portrait.

Make informed investment decisions

Are your assets performing in line with your strategic objectives? Are you aware of the risks associated with your overall portfolio? The reliable and detailed information provided in the LGT Wealth Portrait helps you optimize your investment strategy. This enables you to make well-informed and sustainable investment decisions.

More about the LGT Wealth Portrait

We would be happy to explain how you can benefit from the LGT Wealth Portrait.

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Johannes Brunn, UHNWI Coordinator LGT Bank Ltd.

"It’s particularly challenging to maintain an overview of wealth-related matters when a lot of different figures are involved. That’s why our clients appreciate the Wealth Portrait. It provides them with the most important information in a clear way."

Johannes Brunn, UHNWI Coordinator LGT Bank Ltd.