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Domiciliés au Liechtenstein, nous faisons partie du plus grand groupe mondial de Private Banking et d’Asset Management détenu entièrement par une famille d’entrepreneurs. En tant que Family Office de la Maison princière de Liechtenstein, LGT dispose d’une longue expérience dans la gestion de grandes fortunes.


Jun 14, 2017

LGT launches new sustainability rating

LGT has introduced a new sustainability rating. The rating, which comprises five different levels, assesses equities, bonds, funds and ETFs according to key environmental, social and governance criteria. It provides all of LGT’s private clients with valuable information about the sustainability of their investments, as well as an additional tool for making investment decisions.

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Jun 23, 2017

LGT Navigator: Oil price currently market dominating

The continued pressure on oil prices remained the dominating topic on stock markets, despite a short-term stabilization yesterday, clouding the sentiment particularly for energy stocks. The price of European benchmark
oil price Brent fell to the lowest level since November yesterday. An increase in U.S. production was sighted as one reason for the decline. On the other hand, solid demand for health care stocks on the backdrop of the anticipated Republican health care bill ensured at least a sideways trend on Wall Street.

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Jun 22, 2017

LGT Navigator: Short-term retreat in safe havens

While gold or the Japanese yen rose, oil prices remained under pressure, causing investors to retreat in safe-haven assets. Chinese stocks gained on the planned inclusion of A-shares into the MSCI Emerging Markets Index next year.

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Jun 21, 2017

LGT Navigator: Oil price decline clouds investor sentiment

A drop in oil prices clouded the sentiment on Wall Street and on Asian stock exchanges. Geopolitical tensions in the Middle East increased following an incident where the U.S. shot down a Syrian fighter jet. Additionally, a potential further escalation of the North Korean conflict accelerated worries. On this backdrop the recent record stocks rally came to a halt and economic optimism was somewhat dimmed.

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Jun 20, 2017

LGT Navigator: Positive mood keeps stocks on record levels

Thanks to a positive tone from Asia and a surprising clear victory for Frances’ new President Emmanuel Macron at the Parliamentary elections, as well as technology shares in demand, equity markets enjoyed a successful start into the new week. In Tokyo, the leading stock index benefitted from a weaker yen and a positive lead from Wall Street, continuing its recent rally, reaching the highest level since Mid-2015.

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Notre engagement social

LGT entend créer une plus-value pour l’économie et la société et contribuer à améliorer les conditions de vie des personnes défavorisées.

Valeurs princières

Notre famille de propriétaires, la Maison princière de Liechtenstein, compte parmi les plus anciennes familles aristocratiques d’Europe. En tant que famille d’entrepreneurs multipliant les succès, elle cultive une perspective résolument axée sur le long terme, qui s’exprime également dans l’univers visuel des collections princières.

"Nous aimerions vous enthousiasmer par un conseil de premier ordre, complet et prodigué sur le long terme. Notre action repose sur les valeurs de la Maison princière de Liechtenstein que nous cultivons depuis des générations. Cela nous confère stabilité et indépendance."

Norbert Biedermann, CEO LGT Bank SA