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LGT and curling

LGT supports the European as well as the World Curling Championships as title and main sponsor.

Chess on ice

LGT supports the European as well as the World Curling Championships as title and main sponsor.

Skill rather than strength, precision rather than speed. Curling attaches utmost importance to fairness and tactics - it is not for nothing that this complex sport is also called "chess on ice".

However, at first sight, the game that is extremely popular in Canada, Scotland, Scandinavia and Switzerland reminds one rather of boules or boccia. The players try to place their stones as close as possible to a circular center. The name originates from the Scottish "tae curl", which became the English "to curl" and describes the stones' movements when skimming over the ice.

Sponsors of eight years

This team sport belongs to the oldest in the world and has managed to preserve its original character despite today's increasingly competitive sports business. Its long history together with the demanded skills such as precision, concentration and strategic thinking connect curling to the long-term values and the high quality standards of LGT. For these reasons, we have been supporting curling for eight years and are title as well as main sponsor of the European and World Curling Championships.

Eight male and seven female teams will take part in the European Curling Championships at Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia. More than ten national teams will compete at the World Championships for women in Silkeborg, Denmark.

LGT is truly proud to be sponsoring this fascinating and complex sport.

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Insights into the last Curling Championships


Title sponsor of the World Curling Championships

LGT is committed to curling events around the world. It is now also the title sponsor of the men's and women's world championships as well as the main sponsor of the European championships. The sponsoring will last until the end of the season 2021/22. In the context of this collaboration, a new logo has been designed for the world curling championships. It shows the dynamic movement of the curling stone and integrates LGT's logo. It will be used for the first time at the LGT World Women's Curling Championships from March 16 until March 24 in Silkeborg, Denmark.

During these championships, viewers have the possibility to crown the "LGT Top Shot" of the week - from March 25 until March 31, the most beautiful shot can be voted for. The winner will be named on April 1.

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In der Gruppenphase zu Beginn der Saison spielen insgesamt 32 Teams um ihr Ticket für die Playoffs. Die 16 Teams, die sich durchsetzen, kämpfen anschliessend um den Einzug ins Finale. Wer sich den Meistertitel holt, wird nach über 120 Spielen im Finale Anfang Februar entschieden.

Gruppenphase: 30. August bis 17. Oktober 2018
Playoffs: 6. November 2018 bis 16. Januar 2019
Finale: 5. Februar 2019 

Den aktuellen Spielplan finden Sie auf der Webseite der Champions Hockey League.

Title sponsor of the World Curling Championships