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Alternative style premia

Investment opportunities in alternative style premia

Investment opportunities

Alternative style premia deliver transparent, cost-efficient diversification to traditional portfolios.

Institutional investors are increasingly turning to alternative style premia (ASP) to get exposure to more liquid and transparent diversifying strategies that are also cost efficient. Investor demand has spurred the rapid growth of these strategies, boosted by improvements in technology, increased regulation and lower expectations for future returns. The emergence of ASP strategies is a boon to investors, as it has resulted in a broader toolbox for constructing diversified, cost-efficient portfolios.

Disclaimer: Les investissements dans des solutions de placements de LGT et des fonds vous offrent des opportunités mais comportent aussi des risques. À cet égard, votre profil d’investisseur est déterminant. Discutez des possibilités de placement d’argent chez LGT avec un conseiller à la clientèle.

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