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Competenza in investimenti professionale per investitori privati e istituzionali

Con sede nel Liechtenstein, siamo parte del piú grande gruppo di private banking e asset management del mondo interamente di proprietà di un’unica famiglia di imprenditori. In qualità di family office della Casa regnante del Liechtenstein, la LGT dispone di una pluriennale esperienza nella gestione di grandi patrimoni.


Jun 14, 2017

LGT launches new sustainability rating

LGT has introduced a new sustainability rating. The rating, which comprises five different levels, assesses equities, bonds, funds and ETFs according to key environmental, social and governance criteria. It provides all of LGT’s private clients with valuable information about the sustainability of their investments, as well as an additional tool for making investment decisions.

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Jun 28, 2017

LGT Navigator: Fed Chair Yellen warns on asset valuation

Stocks and emerging market currencies declined following Federal Reserve Governor Janet Yellen’s comment that certain asset valuations were “somewhat rich”.

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Jun 28, 2017

LGT Beacon: Mid-year review and outlook is still constructive

Last year’s global reflationary recovery has been cooling off this year. While corporate earnings, stock prices, and economic sentiment surged to records, actual and expected inflation rates have slipped below targets. The current situation thus warrants an increased focus on downside risks. But it would be too early for a defensive overall assessment.

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Jun 27, 2017

LGT Navigator: Record high Ifo business climate signals optimism

The Ifo corporate survey, the most important sentiment indicator for the German economy, reached a new record in June. The business climate index rose to 115.1 points in June from 114.6 a month earlier, while the majority of analysts had anticipated a moderate decline. The German economy is continuing its upswing, and managements are in high spirits thanks to a construction boom, consumption-oriented consumers, and a more robust global economy, the Munich-based economic research institute commented.

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Jun 26, 2017

LGT Navigator: Nestlé facing high demands from activist Third Point

According to statements from Daniel Loeb's hedge fund Third Point on Sunday, the fund bought a stake of more than 1% of Nestlé, worth CHF 3.3bn, and called for a change in its strategy. Third Point asks Nestlé to improve the profit margin, a share buyback, a sale of non-core business and its 23% interest in the French cosmetics group L'Oréal.

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Il nostro impegno sociale

La LGT intende generare plusvalore a lungo termine per l’economia e la società e contribuire al miglioramento delle condizioni di vita delle persone svantaggiate.

Valori della Casa regnante

La nostra proprietaria, la Famiglia regnante von und zu Liechtenstein, figura tra i piú antichi casati nobili d’Europa. Quale famiglia di imprenditori di successo, essa persegue una chiara prospettiva a lungo termine, che si esprime in maniera esemplare nelle Collezioni del Principe.

"È nostro desiderio entusiasmarla grazie a una consulenza eccellente, completa e orientata al lungo termine. Il nostro agire si fonda sui valori cui la Casa regnante del Liechtenstein si dedica da generazioni. Questo ci conferisce stabilità e indipendenza."

Norbert Biedermann, CEO di LGT Bank SA