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Alpha Generix: efficient access to alternative investments

Alpha Generix seeks to generate consistent long-term capital appreciation through investments in liquid markets, minimizing the risk for investors.

Portfolio investments follow various rule-based strategies securing access to the whole spectrum of return sources in all the financial markets by means of direct investments. Alpha Generix products unlock highly efficient, UCITS-compliant access to alternative investments, giving a traditional portfolio a higher degree of diversification.

Disclaimer: Gli investimenti in soluzioni di investimento della LGT e in fondi le offrono delle opportunità, ma celano anche dei rischi. L’aspetto decisivo è il suo profilo di investitore. Discuta le possibilità di investire denaro presso la LGT con un consulente.

Here you can find all of LGT’s investment products licensed for sale in your chosen country of domicile.

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