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Investing in accordance with the strategy of the Princely House of Liechtenstein

The Princely House of Liechtenstein has entrusted the management of its Princely Portfolio to LGT’s investment experts. Clients can invest in accordance with the same strategy as LGT’s owners, the Princely Family of Liechtenstein.

The Princely Strategy’s solutions combine traditional and alternative investments using an innovative approach. The strategy is geared toward investing in alternative and traditional investments with a high level of diversification.

One of the few investment concepts worldwide to offer such a combination and be accessible to private investors, the Princely Strategy is similar to that employed by leading US endowment funds such as those of Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Stanford University.

Disclaimer: Gli investimenti in soluzioni di investimento della LGT e in fondi le offrono delle opportunità, ma celano anche dei rischi. L’aspetto decisivo è il suo profilo di investitore. Discuta le possibilità di investire denaro presso la LGT con un consulente.

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